ISI-INT has two strongholds, industrial inspections and agrofood / fertlizers inspection.
Besides, we do perform pre-shipment inspections, audits and certification activities.

Industrial inspections are performed practically in all countries of C&EE whereas agrofood, especially grain inspections are carried out in Hungary, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and in the Ukraine, hence our strong link to the Danube.

Our regional Grain Laboratory located in Pecs, Hungary, in the fertile Baranya region, is the center of our grain testing & analysis activities, receiving grain smaples from all over Central Europe. The Lab is GAFTA and FOSFA listed, has National Accreditation, ISO and Grain Analysis.

Our fertilisers loading supervision is mainly concentrated in the Black Sea area due to important volumes of chemical fertilisers being exported from Russia and the Ukraine.

Turkey is an upcoming market for industrial inspections; that's where we have a very valuable team of inspectors, well coping with difficulties of an emerging and prosperous transformation industry.