About Us

Established in 1988 in Vienna, Austria with the idea of rendering inspection services in Central and Eastern Europe, under the name "Inspection Services International" (ISI) has grown into a reputable inspection company covering a vast geographical area from Poland to the Pacific Ocean, performing inspections of fertilizers, steel products, chemicals, metals, ores and concentrates and grain. Later on the activity developed also in the field of insurance related surveying.

With the growth of the market needs, ISI's "pre-shipment activities" expanded geographically in all parts of the Commonwealth of Independent States, having a network of own inspection stations in all major ports of the CIS, on all four seas and oceans, in Romania, Poland.

Also ISI developed inland, covering progressively countries where the steel industry started to produce for export, from the Czech Republic, east and northwards, Poland, Romania.

Living the profound changes of that region and adapting to new needs of the market, and after restructuring and repositioning itself on the market, ISI is today focused on two main activities: agro-business and industrial services, and directly related to it, Pre-Shipment Inspections and Risk Management.

When launching the ISI boat, 20 years ago, our motto was: "On the Way to Excellence”. Today we feel that the new customer should expect Excellency in our work, thus our new motto is "Compelled to Excellence".

Speed of action and the quality of services remain our basic targets.